Established in 1979, Water Conditioning, Inc. (WCI) provides complete service for all industrial water treatment needs, including boilers, cooling towers, return line and closed systems, and wastewater and pollution control.

WCI operates independently throughout the United States. Our services range from pharmaceutical industries to automotive and automotive suppliers, chemical producers, plastics designers, steel manufacturers, textile industries, domestic furnishings, and government facilities. Also noteworthy is WCI's annual participation in BMW-South Carolina's industrial water treatment evaluation by the SC Water Pollution Control Association.

WCI has a staff of chemists (some of which hold advanced degrees), environmental and chemical engineers, service representatives and laboratory support personnel, and has a technical support staff of over 45 chemists, Ph.D's and professional engineers. The company offers over 150 years of combined experience in industrial water treatment and wastewater control.

Our representatives are also licensed as Waste Water Biological and Physical/Chemical operators. Some of our representatives hold the "A" license in physical chemical waste water systems and an "A" license in biological waste water systems operation. One of our representatives holds the coveted Certified Water Technologist (CWT) designation, a nationally recognized certification given by the Association of Water Technologists. This designation certifies the representative as an expert in industrial water treatment technology. He is one of only a few persons holding the certification in South Carolina.

Water Conditioning, Inc. is a member of multiple industrial water treatment organizations, including: Association of Water Technologists (AWT); South Carolina Water Pollution Control Association; Blue Ridge Foothills District of SC Pollution Control Association; and the American Chemical Society.

We also maintain license and certification on behalf of Santee Cooper, one of the principle producers of electricity in South Carolina.

Water Conditioning, Inc. prides itself in the fact that it is an independent representative of numerous chemical and equipment companies throughout the United States, including Nashville Chemical Company, one of the largest chemical distributors in the US.

WCI also represents various pump, water softener, controllers and test chemical companies, such as: Pulsafeeder, Masters Chemical, Advantage, LMI, Kinetico, Hydac, A&F Pumps, and Beckson.