Water Conditioning, Inc. provides water treatments to protect the heat exchange surfaces of steam generating and cooling equipment from scale, corrosion, and fouling. Special attention is given to controlling fouling in filtration, instrumentation, and control equipment. Also, emphasis is on protecting and prolonging the service life of exotic heat exchange equipment and systems including tube-in-shell heat exchangers, jacketed vessels, exothermic, and endothermic reactors subjected to corrosion fatigue cracking and resulting metal failure. The chemical industry is undergoing a good many changes in order to become more profitable. As they do so, they are looking for vendors that can help cut their cost of production, improve performance and prolong equipment life.

Water Conditioning, Inc. can be a unique partner to this industry. We can and will provide specialized training on our products and services. We provide the recommendations that have proven to be effective and productive in this type of industrial operation. We provide dye testing to discover water losses that adversely affect cost and performance. Our technical representatives pride themselves in being consultants and not technicians. We work as extensions to the maintenance and/or engineering staff to aid in an overall good performance scheme.