Cooling water in a steel mill is critical. For example, if the furnaces and molds are not cooled properly, explosions can occur. Also, improper cooling causes a reduction in mold heats. Fouling of piping, ring manifolds, spray nozzles, and inadequate cooling of casters causes breakouts, tremendous metal damage and loss. Fouling of cooling towers, sand filters, in-line filters, hydraulic oil coolers, and instrumentation and control systems adds to the damage. Water Conditioning, Inc. meets the water treatment needs with custom blended products to control scale, corrosion, and fouling in the total cooling water systems.

These problems, along with many others, can cause the steel industry to become less productive and less competitive. As the market place in America already shows, the steel industry must do everything possible to produce quality products at a competitive cost. Water Conditioning, Inc. feels that as a vendor partner with the steel industries, we can help reduce cost, prolong mold life, prevent down time and thereby help you produce better quality products. We strive to become familiar with the particular plant operation and conditions to be able to customize a unique program providing the critical aspects needed in each section of the plant. We can recommend various mechanical equipments that aid the performance of our programs and enhance the performance of the plant facilities.