Water Conditioning, Inc. provides a broad selection of water treatments to protect the total steam and cooling water systems from scale, corrosion, and fouling. Special attention is given to controlling fouling in filtration, instrumentation, and control equipment. Also, emphasis is on protecting and prolonging the service life of exotic heat exchange equipment and systems including tube-in-shell heat exchangers, jacketed vessels, exothermic and endothermic reactors subjected to corrosion fatigue cracking and resulting metal failure.

We realize that the pharmaceutical industry is very specialized and therefore requires individualized programs to provide the type of results needed to meet all the regulatory constraints. Any industry that is as heavily monitored as this one must make sure that all outside services and vendors know how to and will comply with their requirements. Water Conditioning, Inc. has the ability and uses their uniqueness to provide customized programs to this type of industry. As our medical needs in America undergo various changes, it is extremely important to keep production running. This can be accomplished by a cooperative effort of the equipment operators along with the water treatment consultants. Both need to have certain information about the conditions and capabilities of all concerned. This interchanging of information can be invaluable in the operation of the industry.