Water Conditioning, Inc. provides a broad selection of water treatments to protect the steam generating and cooling water equipment and systems. Products are selected to meet the design characteristics of the boilers (fire-tube or water-tube) and control scale, corrosion, and fouling in the total system such as the feed water, boilers, steam lines, traps, pumps and condensate lines. For economical reasons, furniture plants often include absorption chillers (Lithium Bromide) for comfort cooling. Water Conditioning, Inc. programs do include total cooling water system protection with special emphasis on corrosion inhibitors needed to protect the different metals in the system. Water Conditioning, Inc. knows the value of the employees and we strive to make sure that the comfort in the workplace is adequate by ensuring the air conditioning and heating systems operate efficiently and effectively.

In the furniture industry, the employees make the quality and without quality products, there will be no more plant facilities. Water Conditioning, Inc. feels vendor partners add important expertise to aid in the success of any industry. However, the furniture industry is even more important because the longevity of the plant facility can depend on the associations made with its vendors. We customize the various water conditioning programs to ensure the best results for each situation encountered.