Water Conditioning, Inc. can improve the efficiency and prolong the service life of your cooling and molding equipment by conditioning the water to control scale, corrosion, and fouling of the heat exchange surfaces. Special attention is given to controlling corrosion and fouling of the ejection molds to improve production, prevent rejects and down time of equipment. The uniqueness of plastic injection processes requires a special breed of treatment programs. Water Conditioning, Inc. has the experience and technical ability to provide this specialized program to your industry. We can customize the treatment to meet high temperatures, different metallurgies, and plant conditions. In doing this, we can help the plant be more productive, have a better quality product, and fewer rejects in the production process. The plastic industry must incorporate many different types of systems to accomplish all their needs. We, in the water treatment industry, must be able to deal with and provide adequate formulations that can meet these needs in any type system and condition. Water Conditioning, Inc.'s partnership with any plastic plant can be an asset to that facility.