Boilers require a water treatment program providing protection from all forms of corrosion, scale build-up, and metal stress and fatigue. There are many types of programs that can be employed to provide this needed protection. When preparing a water treatment program, Water Conditioning, Inc. takes into consideration the design characteristics of the boiler and its related equipment as well as the characteristics of the water to be used and then tailors the program to best protect those systems.

Phosphate Program
Phosphates are used to control and precipitate scale inside the boiler, so that the impurities can be removed through normal blow down. It is often employed due to its cost effectiveness and ease of application and control.

Chelate Program
Chelates are used when it is desired to dissolve scale and scale-forming impurities and to keep them in the liquid state. This allows for ease of removal by normal blow-down. This may be used if all conditions are proper and if cost is not as critical. However, this program is very effective and can be used to clean a boiler on-line.

Carbonate Program
Carbonates programs use the normal alkalinity in the boiler water to create the proper chemical environment to prevent scale-forming tendencies and corrosion. These are recommended only if the make-up water characteristics are favorable. However, this is an economical, effective and easily controlled program.

Polymer Program
Polymers are employed to prevent scale formation by sequestration, which is removed once again by normal blow down. Polymers of today are very sophisticated and require a good deal of technical expertise to choose the right one or the combination of polymers to perform all requirements sought for the program to achieve the desired results.

On-line Cleaning Program
Water Conditioning, Inc. recognizes the need in some cases to clean a boiler while that unit is still producing steam on a regular basis. We can custom tailor the products, such as polymers and chelants that will remove the scale, which can be blown out by normal bottom blow down. This results in the unit operating with greater improvement and efficiency while remaining online.

Corrosion Control Program
Corrosion control of boiler metals and the metals of related equipment is critical. Corrosion rates increase approximately five percent per one degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature. As such, chemical products such as sulfites, alkalinity builders and various amines are used in conjunction with scale preventing programs listed above to prevent various types of corrosion that will occur in boilers left uncontrolled. Water Conditioning, Inc. evaluates the system, applies, and monitors inhibitors to gain the best results in corrosion control and metal longevity.

Pretreatment Equipment
Equipment such as softeners, dealkalizers, deaerators, demineralizers, etc., is considered and usually included in a water treatment program. These are mechanical devices that aid in the water treatment program to remove harmful impurities in the system so that the chemical program can be more effective, less expensive and easier to control.