Water Conditioning, Inc. meets the water treatment needs of the textile industry. In addition to scale, corrosion and fouling control in the total steam system, special attention is given to steam purity to improve production, prevent dye contamination and material rejects. Also, large centrifugal chillers and air washers are critical for temperature and humidity control. Water Conditioning, Inc. programs include total cooling water systems protection from scale, corrosion, and fouling with special emphasis on reducing chiller operation cost, controlling air washer odors, and using products that meet all EPA, USDA, state and local requirements. As the textile industry continues to undergo many changes to stay alive in today's global economy, Water Conditioning, Inc. endeavors to make every effort to help our textile customers be profitable and competitive. Textiles need vendor partners that realize their current situation and strive to aid them in returning to the forefront of America's market place. Water Conditioning, Inc. makes every effort to be sure that the cost is affordable and that our service and results for the industry are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in providing quick response, accurate results and technical expertise.