Water Conditioning, Inc. offers a broad selection of water treatments to protect the total steam and cooling water systems from scale, corrosion, and fouling with special attention given to controlling corrosion and fouling in extended cooling systems including filtration, instrumentation, hydraulics, welding equipment, and tanks. Yet, in servicing all the equipment, we will meet all EPA, USDA, state and local requirements placed upon this industry. Water Conditioning, Inc. serves a variety of automotive industries, each one with special needs and conditions to their production. We are a company that prides itself in becoming knowledgeable about the systems and requirements in each company we service so that we can customize a water treatment program to suit the specific needs of that operation.

Water Conditioning, Inc. makes every effort to stay abreast of the latest technology and formulations to be able to be on the leading edge of our industry. The automotive industry is not unlike other industries but does have its own unique situations. We feel that our partnership with the various automotive industrial plants helps us to help them solve any special problem as it arises before it becomes a major crisis to their plant. The automotive industry sees stiff competition and must use every means available to hold down production costs to be competitive in their market. By selecting the best vendor to partner with them in their water treatment, they can accomplish holding down some of the cost of production. We, at Water Conditioning, Inc., feel that we can fit into the industry and fulfill its needs as related to water conditioning.