Corrosion control in the condensate system is critical as the system metals are not only hot, but are exposed to oxygen from air leakage and acidic conditions in the water. The acidic condition is caused by the release of carbon dioxide in the boiler water carried over with the steam condensing and forming carbonic acid. The system can be ruined in a very short time, as the acid is attracted by metal and rapidly corrodes it. Water Conditioning, Inc. applies and monitors inhibitors to gain the best corrosion control and metal longevity.

Neutralizing Amines Program
The purpose of the amines program is to neutralize the acid and elevate the pH to a non-corrosive range. Water Conditioning, Inc. offers a variety of programs to match the size of the system.

Filming Amines Program
The purpose of this type program is to coat the pipes and control oxygen pitting and acidic grooving. It is effective, but requires special attention because in addition to coating the pipes, it can foul traps, instrumentation and control equipment.
Combination Program
Steam/condensate systems in some places extend thousands of feet in length, and corrosion control in such systems can become a real challenge. Water Conditioning, Inc. offers an advanced combination program containing neutralizing and filming amines to provide corrosion protection of the total system. This program is very effective and easier to administer than the filming amines alone. In addition to applying the best treatments for controlling corrosion in the steam/condensate systems, Water Conditioning, Inc. monitors the methods employed to gain the most effective corrosion control and metal longevity.